René Fugger of woman alcoholism

Ibogaine gives a unique chance to get rid of of woman alcoholism, I am sure Rene Fugger professor of the Department of Psychiatry, Institute Philippe-Pinel, Montreal, Canada (RENÉE FUGÈRE, professeure adjointe de clinique, Département de psychiatrie, Institut Philippe-Pinel de Montréal)

One of the most terrible and dangerous forms of alcohol dependence is a female alcoholism. Alcoholism among women is much harder and malignant flows than in men, as well as more difficult to treat.

The worst thing about the situation with drinking woman what she conceals from others their addiction to alcohol, thus complicates early diagnosis and treatment of alcohol dependence.

Most often, it all starts with the fact that women are going in the company and go to a cafe for a drink to miss another whiskey or a glass of beer. Naturally, uplifting, like passes fatigue after the working day. The woman begins to feel cheerful, sexy. Arriving home, housework, made willingly and cheerfully. A woman gets a taste for such events are becoming more frequent, and so every day. Developing alcohol dependence. The first time a woman addicted to alcohol is not so much conspicuous.

She is cheerful, funny, its condition, no one raises concerns. In addition, a woman forced to mask their addiction to alcohol, until recently, so can often go "slightly drunk". When this condition begins to accumulate, increased aggression woman, she breaks down in scandals and even fights.

This continues until a certain moment a woman starts to develop personal degradation. And when her alcoholism literally striking due to sharp personality and mental changes, then everyone will say: "well be the same as when a woman drinks scary."

That is why treat female alcoholism is much more difficult. Close begin to seek a way out of this situation. Search starts narcologists, rehabilitation centers, drug clinics, etc.

The disease in a woman is reflected in a much, rapid development, there is a rapid addictive alcohol. Lose personal control, woman is degraded with the loss of moral and ethical behavior, there is deceit, cynicism, loss of criticism against themselves, to develop psychosis, hysteria with the rapid development of withdrawal symptoms accompanied by somatic, psychic and vegetative disturbances.

Menstrual disorders, amenorrhea, inflammation of the uterus, ectopic pregnancy, infertility frigidity.

Women rarely own personally appealed for help to the doctor about alcoholism, and if drawn, it is often at the urging of relatives. This is due to the fact that a woman has no serious intentions of getting rid of alcohol dependence, not considering himself an alcoholic.

Relatives are all the torments of hell, living side by side, and are in constant contact with drinking women. Looking for a way out of this situation, relatives try different stationary treatment.

Often that inherently all standard and to date are ineffective, especially with regard to women and so are reluctant to undergo medical treatment. During the period of withdrawal syndrome (alcohol withdrawal) expressed dejection depression, depression that is often characteristic of the woman and after the treatment of alcoholism.

Accordingly, such a mental state entails breakdown and return to alcohol. How to win a pathological addiction, followed by a painful depressive state and to achieve long-term stable remission. For this reason, understanding the severity and low efficiency, the situation with the treatment of female alcoholism has been developed Ibogainovaya program based on ibogaine - the indole alkaloid South African iboga plant.

Ibogaine-program, an entirely new and unique in nature approach the treatment of alcoholism in women. What is Ibogaine, and what a difference in the treatment of alcoholism standard drugs intended for the treatment of the mentally ill, and ibogaine.

In contrast to the conventional therapy, Ibogaine solves the problem of anosognosia - a man realizes that he is dependent and consciously make the first step on way to recovery.

The fact that Ibogaine possesses unique properties effects on the brain. The drug stimulates the central nervous system. Which can suppress the craving for alcohol by acting on receptors of the brain cells responsible for the development of alcohol dependence.

Ibogaine as it revives the activity of the brain, thereby changing the awareness of self, allowing a critical point of view really appreciate themselves and their condition. He removes the depression that, in fact, is one of the most important factors in the treatment of alcoholism.

Woman tuned to a positive vision of things, there is the energy and the will to overcome alcohol addiction, desire to return to a sober life, to become a full-fledged social personality. Ibogaine pulls out and strengthens weakened the resources of the psyche.

The mental state of women is balanced, it becomes calmer, more stable, thereby changing world, there is a reassessment of values. Alcohol appears aversion, life in a drunken daze in the past. Relatives and friends eventually gain a good mother, a wife, a loving daughter and a beautiful woman.