Treatment of female alcoholism

Women alcoholism is almost impossible to cure. Modern medicine has virtually no funds for the treatment of of woman alcoholism. Therefore, patients with alcoholism are all the circles of Hell. By consuming antidepressants and antipsychotics, which only aggravate treatment.

Hospital treatment in different clinics, as well as long-term rehabilitation, too, does not give a stable positive effect. The result is a rare exception, the woman alcoholic starts drinking again. Attempts by relatives of the "re-educate" drinking women are doomed to failure, because the without treatment female alcoholism itself does not pass.

So what do you ask? We offer ibogaine treatment. Ibogaine Treatment is first and foremost the restoration of mental and emotional state, the elimination of depression. And the most important thing that the action "Ibogaine hydrochloride" can not interrupt no drugs or alcohol. Simply drugs and alcohol are not interesting.