If your relative (husband, wife, child) is using drugs or alcohol, what to do?
Over the years, over and over again and held a variety of treatment programs for drug and alcohol use in different clinics (including in Israel), or rehabilitation centers. And the result was zero. Treatment or rehabilitation have not given positive results. Did not help drugs such Esperal, Disulfiram, Naltrexone.

Action Ibogaine can not interrupt the drugs (such as heroin, codeine, methadone, cocaine, amphetamines, "Spice") or alcohol.. Ibogaine removes the craving and desire. Simply drugs or alcohol are not interesting. Ibogaine - it is the only medicine that affects the consciousness of man. The patient is a reassessment of values. Exit depression. The motivation to live and work..

Ibogaine effect on receptors in the brain with such force that subsequently none of the known drug effect on these receptors can not. And the vicious circle of drug or alcohol addiction is broken forever.

Patients occur review of important moments of their lives. Ibogaine causes a shift of consciousness and lead to the realization at once experienced psychological trauma. Admission Ibogaine allows go through repressed a problem and fears, and in another way to look at ourselves and the world.

Treatment Ibogaine is characterized in that the patient ceases to think about the drug after the first stage of treatment. When the patient, gain strength, after going through all the stages of treatment, he no longer feels the need for drugs.

Patients treated, get a chance to get rid of the need for drugs or alcohol. A positive effect can be achieved only if all phases completed ibogaine treatment.

Namely, visualization, consciousness and reinterpretation, the stage of immobility, assessment of the effect.

Infrequently, other methods of treatment, it is possible to achieve, so that people no longer feel the need for drugs or alcohol in a relatively short period of time.

Movie about passing initiation iboga, a correspondent for the BBC